Saturday, 8 October 2011

Grayson Perry at the BM

Went to see Grayson Perry at the British Museum on Thursday afternoon before turning up for my own book launch that evening in Portland Place. The show is a mixture of his own beautiful and thought provoking work and a variety of exhibits he has chosen from the British Museum collection. The brilliant thing about this show is that for the first time it made me see that all of the things in the BM were made by modern people, people just like us, and also it made me see or helped me realise that their needs were not primitive but really not much different than ours - or that our ideals are just as primitive if not much more so.

So much for progress. It is a great show and along with 'the coral reef' currently on at the Tate Britain really worth visiting if you are in or planning to visit London
I was going to intersperse this post with photos of my favourite things in the show but picture taking was forbidden, although guards with really loud walkie talkies (are they still called that?)

disturbing your concentration is obviously not a problem. I do intend on returning and I might try and get a sneaky snap or two!
In the absence of images from the show for this post I an including a photo of a sample for a new and very long silk scarf that arrived at the studio yesterday.
The book launch was good too.