Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Not even September yet blues

I've been feeling out of sorts all day today but couldn't quite work out why. I put a post on my work blog about Nick Ashford dying last week and that made me feel quite sad, my eldest daughter Maria went back to Nottingham this morning and Barbara her younger sister moves away from home in a couple of weeks time . Me and Lorna started our family 22 years ago and now that phase of our life is over. Changes in life are generally good things but this just makes me feel sad, sad, sad. And today felt like the first day of autumn, summer seemed to have disappeared overnight, riding my bike home tonight the river felt grey and miserable and at only 7 it was beginning to get dark, maybe I felt down because I felt that summer was over and it had been such a nice one but really I felt as if the summer of my life was over and would never come back again, only autumn and winter to come and then the end.


  1. autumn is one of my favourite seasons, after spring.

  2. I completely understand. When I look at your work though, it feels like you are in the Spring with the growing and reaping seasons stretched out for years ahead of you. Unknown, full possibilities.