Friday, 4 November 2011

A Lemon tree is for life !

I received a beautiful gift of a handsome lemon tree recently ! What a treat! The leaves smell lovely and lemony when you rub them and it already has one big green lemon on it.

We've made a special home for it on the big desk upstairs at work, it sits on a little turntable and we give it a quarter turn every week so all of it's leaves get a fair share of the sun's warmth. We were inspired by a job we are working on at the moment designing the Christmas windows for a bank in Central London, behind the 14 metre high windows is a full sized tree that slowly rotates !

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  1. Can you post a photo of the Coutts window on one of your blogs, I have seen a small image of it that a friend sent me but would love to see a bigger better quality version - thanks.