Saturday, 17 November 2012

Laura Carlin

Like her namesake in the movie 'Scum', Carlin truly is the daddy ! Well the daddy of beautifully painted hand made ceramics !!! I knew of her beautiful drawings for quite a while before I met her when I was dishing out top prize for best illustrated book at the V and A illustration awards for her really, no, incredibly good version of Ted Hughes' classic 'The Iron Man' (do please check it out!).

Anyway this morning started a weekend long show of new ceramic pieces at 54 Rivington St in Shorditch.

What can I say? The woman is a genius and actually I got quite emotional at the sheer creative outburst if it all !

Below: Naughty girl

I wouldn't mind but she's clever and hilarious to boot ! Recently I had to follow her on stage to talk about my work at a symposium on the role of sentimentality in illustration (yes ! You heard right !!!) held at Somerset House, obviously she had bewitched the entire audience and I only just about stumbled through my talk by referring to her every 20 seconds !

How great is this lion !

"Who's the Daddy ??!!!"

Location:Pimlico Rd,London,United Kingdom

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