Monday, 26 September 2011

Taking Raphael lying down!

Yesterday I went to the V and A (what again !!! Ok it's near to where I live) to see the post modernism exhibition which just totally depressed me .... But the big empty room that holds the giant cartoons by Raphael was filled with one big giant soft furnishing and that totally cheered me up again !

People of all ages and types were lying around taking it easy. I've been saying this for years though, trudging around museums, though spiritually uplifting, is bloody knackering ! We need more beds in galleries ! We need more beds ....Everywhere ! It's never a bad time for a little kip.


  1. Crud, besides Ryantown, the V&A was a London sight that I didn't get to see. Unfortunately I squandered museum time at the British Museum instead, which fine and historical and all that, but I think I'd have much rather been in the V&A. Maybe another time. Yes about couches. Badly needed at regular intervals. Using your right brain is very tiring.

  2. Just been to see the Grayson perry show at the britisoh museum- it is awesome !